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tv   Rob Black and Your Money  KRON  October 21, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> the party is over. long- term it will be okay. you can still buy a house in the future. >> let's take a look at apple. >> there is nothing to excite him. bakto exciting. at t will announce they have not amounts what they will have. maybe it will be a keyboard for the ipad. >> we have a been seen things happen with mcdonald's. as
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the party over for them. >> >> people will eat their jump full. they have tried to make their full healthier. their big problem is that they do this again and again. there try to get people to spend money at their restaurants. long term, this may become a problem. short-term, it will be okay. it has a little bit of value. >> so what about the housing crisis? we're saying the government or after some days on banks. bank of america was charge is $6 million fine. >> freddie mac, fresaid inmates were upset about this. bank of america is unsettling,
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they're taking a risk away. j.p. morgan chase is paying $13 million. they need to be bankers not litigators. it looks like bad news but this is actually good news on wall street. you want to know about the demon. >> the facebook, a lot of people were freaking of about their outage. if people could not postings of facebook. >> back in 1999 this would have cost a lot to the stock markets. the stock would drop about 1520%. facebook did not smoke. it was a positive sign. the morning nils was talking about people being upset. they went to twister instead. facebook is just a little too popular. we get angry
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when we do not get our god- given right to the internet. >> did you buy this when it was down? as >> iti am up. >> we are watching target. it came out with this list. >> i felt a little differently. this is a hot death. mattel has a monster height dollars. we are actually spending less on toys. people are growing up with ipad mini spiri. this mothr had got upset because her
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daughter to occur ipad to school and lost it. >> speaking of kids, 15% of u.s. are not even in school or do not have a job. that is pretty scary. >> we just went through this government fight. the government is spending money with desk-people should be earning and some of them are not even working. this is a generation that is starting to slip. we may lookit them as being lazy. they're not putting in applications them. there are living at home with their parents still. this is want to create a big nightmare. it will hurt the baby boomers. it was also hurt because they're not building social security, they're not networking. they have literally just vanished. >> mexico, we have been
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watching this fight over junk food. >> i love it. fast pulled, up michael bloomberg tried to do this in new york. we have said have a minivans because our children cannot sit in cars. basically, 5% tax--what is odd about this is that there is 16 percent tax on chewing gum, i did not understand this. maligne >> would that be said obviously, being overweight cost a lot of money. one piece of a device i can give people is that they need to lose weight and it'll cost them less money and it will be healthier. >> coming up with most speak
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to wealth preservation and retirement. >> will also have your e- mail is coming up. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. rob black and your money. we are here with jack burton. clearly a lot of what you do as well as management. there is always a lot of fear. we will talk about some of the common concerns. >> we will start with the baby boomers and how the stock market may crash. >> 20 years ago--we used to talk about the demographics. it crashed-that's because
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baby boomers are retiring and that will sell all of their stocks and go to bonds. that will not get to throw retirement. i have never known any situation where people get to this magic data and sell all of their stocks and bonds. and they're okay when the market is in it, erection phase but you still need stock for growth. off this is the way did you beat inflation. most of baby boomers will still require a great bit of their portfolio in stocks. >> a again it is an issue when the fed stops stimulating the economy will the crash. you hope to have 35 + years. 30 percent of the time the market will be
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negative but 70 percent of the time you will be at a high periods this is just what we have to deal with. this is what we have to deal with, you have to protect your portfolio. timing is everything and retirement. you cannot draw on a down market. you need to have one of the dividend is coming in. you have to have cash to get through this. every three to five, seven years shall get this. if we learned any thing, the markets do recover but she'll have to have been come to get you through. >> let's take look get what we are afraid of. what about the united states printing too much money? >> what does it mean? the sets are getting the money and there are going to go and buy the same bonds. when those mature they will take
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that money and continue to buy them. this is even if they taper. when they stop stimulating the economy that means that the economy will be strong enough to just let the interest rates go up and the economy will be doing better. they will not accept and started raising interest rates until the economy can stand on its own. a lot of the debt that the united states has--it will they give them back to the treasury, we will see how well ways out. >> what about social security? will lead ever run out money? >> some of the best articles i have seen as that's the dumbest if you are und45 is that
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include this. it will be replaced by higher taxes. just assume that you have to retire without a difference under 45. if you are over 55 you can assume the social security will be there. you have to find ways to maximize. there are ways to do what we talked about before. you can file and suspend where your spouse can get money. it can be there but you have to assume that it won't be 20 to a party for some of your incomer. it is up to you to save the not depend on the go when my family members had a hard a momma. and it was a lot of money just for him to fill out what was wrong. it was so expensive but what about medicare? >> this is to be seen. this is one of the biggest budget issue that we are have been is medicaid and
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medicare. they're trying to figure out what to do. we're probably going to see some higher tax or reform that needs to happen because part of the affordable care act is because all of these people are coming months of this. this is a large concern that you should not retire until you can budget at least 6 $800 a month. that will be your supplemental insurance feed, your copiague, your prescriptions. you have to be careful to make sure you are now retiring too soon. >> another thing is that people want to make sure they have saved enough money. we'd use weird calculations. is this right? >> it appears that you have to look at your expenses. you can say that this is what i am are learning and this is what i am withdrawing. you have to assume that you and a
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justice throughout 3%. you have to assume that you could structure this and get at least 6%. make sure that chew project your health care costs and taxes. you have to look for some type of alternatives. >> i think it shocks people. let's start talking about outlive your money. that is the fear. your 92 years old, what do you do? >> unfortunately, most of americans are really under prepared because they have not saved. they chose to go on vacation again new cars. you really have to go back and figure out how much of your incomer that you can put away starting at 22 years old. it just really depends on your expenses.
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>> everyone has concerns about retirement. i did we have helped to through this a little bit. you can go to this on website newcastl. >> we will take a break. we will answer more of your questions coming back.
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>> welcome back. i do not condoned day drama but i know a lot of you want to create stocks. i did put together some rules for trading this maybe something like face book. you always want to respect the price
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attacks. you do not watch the minute by minute. you need to look penitente charge not 10 minutes. discipline. it to mean, you do not want to say that you know this one will go higher and you start having that kind of mentality. discipline means that if it drops temp% you are out. you do not winifred to drop 60% because if it drops 50% you would need for it to go up. >> discipline is more important. the opportunities are easier made up the moss is pretty do now have betrayed them every day. you can do it just once a year. take look at this company who went down. do we think they're going out of business? no. when the markets all of depressed. we are same what a horrible
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stock market. and when people are that way, that is when you need to be optimistic. next up is the adapt your style to the market. you have to adjust trade a round. you cannot go foolish when the market is not working for you. if the market is going down and then you can expected to go down. maximize your reward, your profile. >> look for the opportunity and equality. sometimes your trade just does not work out and you have to have the discipline to say that you are done. sometimes your trade will turn into investments and you really
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do not want to invest in a. you have to keep that out there. perception is reality. this is probably most important one. >> they were stating vet their stocks are going to go down in october but they actually went up. you can have this feeling like all, they will go out. it will not work. reality is a little bit different. do not ensure that trades turned into investments. i've had won numerous times. the lesson that i want to do is give my monthly statement and say why do i own that. >> this will discourage you from moving forward. these
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are just some ideas and i do not condone that but if you have to, you have to know the rules to live by. >> here is say e-mail from greg. he wants to know how much he should put down for his mortgage. >> a lot of people was at 3 to 5%. i would prefer 20% because to do not have to pay for private insurance. if you put 20% down you will not say the church upside- down and you lost money. some people may panic. have a more down makes it more likely that you will--this will just be the right way for you to approach it. you will see your principal build up faster. >> coming up we will do more
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e-mail's. robblack@robblack .com hñ
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mi >> on welcome back. e-mail no. 2 comes from victor. he will like to know about the government and if he should change. >> i do not think so. we have had government shutdowns before. our credit rating is a little bit is the. maybe you can get a little bit more say for but i think your only option is to adjust the merge more in the markets.
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>> e-mail no. 3 comes from teresa. businesses are going more on line and i cannot imagine might company wants to use a personal computer and from them. ibm--this continues to be the future. the assault. ib i >> next e-mail comes best- what if you think of coaching becoming and millionaires. >> i find it violent. they promise these big things and teach you the basics. these people charge you for the coaching and this is how to make their money. next the milk comes from mark. my
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wife wants me to spend a lot of money on a honeymoon. >> they got married and wanted to a second honeymoon. $8,000 will turn into a $32,000. i would say no. just go to the grand canyon. do not spend a lot of money on a honeymoon. you cut in the bidding may divorce. you do not one of the and property when you divorce. >> we will be right back.
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